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FIRST (Book One in the First Series) by Jacob Louder

FIRST (Book One in the First Series) by Jacob Louder

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"In a story that’s as sweet as it is sticky, Jacob Louder conjures a world that’s long on sexual possibility and short on shame. I wouldn’t mind living there." —Natty Soltesz, author of LAMBDA nominated College Dive Bar, 1AM

For fourteen year-old Nico, queer is everything. He comes from queer, he lives as queer, and now he’s having queer sex and, to his surprise, with many willing parties—his closest friend, his punk rock crush, his clique’s worst enemy, and the female-identified Robbie, who’s coming out in ways that are leaving friends and family in dismay. But Nico, who has no shame about sex, operates in “life queer” ways, taking what he needs for the people who need it and spying in on situations that most would have him think unnatural. The safety of having sex without judgment is compelling and exhilarating for Nico, but what will he do when his loved ones are threatened by a world that denounces his life choices? 


"FIRST is a truly queer work that invokes the confusing, arousing, oft boner-filled process of discovering identity and sexuality. This is unflinching erotica that’s as sexy as it is audacious. And did I mention? It’s hot as fuck." —Benji Bright, Author of Boy Stories

“A stunning debut by the fearless Jacob Louder, FIRST hits the erotica scene with a startlingly original voice that displays an unusual freedom in expressing sexual beginnings. The tale of teenage Nico’s introduction to the sexual side of both boys and girls has all the trappings of a good read: plausible and realistic characters; a defined and specific place and time; deliciously descriptive sex; and a bold and unapologetic voice. Not to mention that it starts with my two favorite words in the English language... —Dario Dalla Lasta, Author of Squeeze Pants

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